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      EXPORT Container of Copier From Canada by The Fax Engineer

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 The Fax Engineer Canada, is in Business since 1991 in Toronto and  Export Container of Photocopier Machines From Canada to around World,              Please Submit Makes and Models of Copier or Click On> WholeSale Dealer Price

Need  Container of Copier ? Please Fill in the Blanks and Submit
 * Required  The Fax Engineer: EXPORT Container of Copier Form
*Name ( First and Last Name):
 *Contact  Receiver Name
      Company's Name:

 *Receiver Address of Container: City,Province,Country, Name

( Bill Of  Lading Address)

      Postal code:
*  Telephone # :
      Fax # :
*  Email:
      Cell Phone # :

*Make and Model


*How Many Copy Machines Needed for each Make and Model  and Comments Please write all details,Target Price?   
 Minimum Order 100+ Photocopier Machines, Payment must be in Advance
Please fill in
the security code:




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