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FAQ for FAX Machines and MFC ( Multi Function Centre machines )

Activity Report A printed report of a unit's incoming and out going transactions. It may be printed automatically on demand or manually at a specified interval. Information may include date and time of transmission, the fax number/name, duration, number of pages, and result errors incurred, and comment.

ADF Automatic document feeder: The ability to automatically feed multiple documents, one at a time, that have been placed in the input tray.

All Dial List A printed report of all the numbers stored in both one touch and speed dial locations.

Automatic E-Mail Printing Software application that automatically prints incoming e-mail messages on the MFC(on CD-ROM).

Anti Curl System (ACS) for Thermal FAX A feature that straightens thermal roll paper when it is printed.

Auto Re-dial A feature that automatically redials the last number if the transmission did not go through because the line was busy or did not go through for some other reason.

Automatic Fax Sending a fax without picking up the handset or pressing the hook button.

Backup Print When a fax is received into memory the fax is also printed.

Beep Tone The sound the keys make when they are pressed, an error occurs, or a document has been received or transmitted.

Beeper Volume Volume setting for the beep when you press a key or make an error.

Brightness Changing the Brightness makes the whole image lighter or darker.

Broadcasting The ability to send the same document to more than one location.

Call Back Message Sends a fax and then leave a message for the recipient to call.

Call Reservation Sends a fax and then at the end of the transmission it rings the recipient's phone. If they pick up the phone, it rings your phone so you can talk to the other end.

Caller ID A service through the phone company that lets you see the number of the party that is calling you.

Cancel Job Cancels a programmed procedure permanently, such as polling or polled waiting and delayed transmission.

Cartridge Carrier for Inkjet FAX A Part inside the fax machine that holds the ink cartridges.

Cartridge Container for Inkjet FAX A plastic container, included with the photo ink cartridge accessory, to prevent the extra cartridge from drying out.

CCD Charged-Coupled Device: scanner bar

CIS Contact Image Sensor: scanner bar

CNG Tones Are "calling tones" sent during automatic fax transmission to tell the receiving fax machine at the distant end that they are a fax machine.

Coding Method Method of coding the information contained in a document. all fax machines must use modified huffmann(MH). Some also use modified read(MMR) and modified read(MR).

Communication Error Comm. Error An error that occurs during sending or receiving, when there is static or line noise.

Compatibility Group (G3) The ability of one fax unit to communicate with another. Compatibility is assured between the same ITU-T group.

Confidential Mailbox Private password mailboxes for fax reception and voice messages.

Contrast Used to compensate for very dark or very light documents, by lightening dark documents and darkening light documents.

Cover Page Prints a page at the other party's machine, that contains the sender and recipient's name and fax number, number of pages and comment. You can generate an electronic cover page at the other end with pre-programmed information from memory or you can print a sample cover page to fax with your document.

Cover Page Comment The programmable comment that is on the cover page.

Custom Cover Page Comment / Super Cover Page Allows you to program your own comments for the cover page.

Daily Timer A function that lets you program a certain time that a fax will be sent.

Delayed Transmission Function that lets you send a fax at a later time that day.

Distinctive Ringing A service through your local telephone company that provides another phone number on an existing phone line for your fax machine.

ECM Error Correction Mode Detects errors on transmission with the receiving machine has ecm and resends the page(s) of the document that had an error.

Electronic Cover Page A page that is printed at the recipients machine that contains the sender and recipient's name, fax/telephone number, number of pages, and comment. The ability to transmit a pre-programmed cover page from memory, eliminating the need for making cover pages manually.

E-Mail Printing Software application that automatically retrieve your e-mail messages from your POP3 server and prints them on your fax machine.

Error Re TX Error Retransmission When errors are detected during transmission with the receiving machine does not have ECM, the document is sent again.

Extension Phone A telephone on the fax number that is plugged into a separate wall jack.

External Phone A TAD(telephone answering device) or telephone that is plugged into the EXT jack of your fax machine.

F/T(FAX/TEL) Ring Time The amount of time the fax rings in the F/T mode when it is calling you to pick up a telephone call.

Fax Forwarding Transmits a fax stored in the memory to the registered fax number.

FaxSpeed Software application that allows you to convert color image files so you can fax them to the receiving party's computer.

Fax Storage You can print stored faxes later, or retrieve them from another location using Fax Forwarding, Paging or Remote Retrieval functions.

FAX/TEL mode You can receive faxes and telephone calls. Do not use FAX/TEL if you are using an external answering machine.

Fax Tones Signals sent by both the sending and receiving machine while communicating information.

Fine Mode Resolution of 203 x 196 DPI. It is used for detailed documents and graphs.

Function mode The programming mode for changing the settings of your fax machine.

Gray Scale Used for the transmission of photos and can have 16/32/64 gray levels.

Group / Number Groups Number Groups programmed in One Touch and/or Speed Dial numbers for broadcasting.

Header Information Date, Time, Station ID, Page Number.

Help Key Prints programming information for quick reference.

ICM Incoming Message: recorded voice messages that are received into an answering machine or a message center fax machine.

Ink Management Button for Inkjet FAX Cleans the print head and/or resets the ink dot counter after replacing an ink cartridge.

Interrupting Puts a waiting job on hold temporarily, while you perform Timer or Polled Job.

Interval Time in between printed activity reports .

LCD Liquid Crystal Display Is on the control panel where it displays various messages, such as date ,time, phone number, etc.

Machine Error Mechanical error in the unit that identifies the problem.

Manual Fax A mode of sending a fax manually in which the handset is picked up or the hook is pressed before enter the fax number.

Memory Status List A list that shows how many faxes stored for retrieval, how much memory is used for fax features, and how much memory is available.

Memory Usage A function for units with message center that instructs the unit how to allocate the memory.

Message Center Built in digital answering machine, which can store documents and voice messages.

Missing Link Ready A unit that has pci/f port for missing link to be connected.

Multi-Function LinkTM Pro Software application Turns your fax machine into a printer and a scanner and enables PC faxing using the fax machine. (Optional Brother Software application)

NetCentricTM FaxStorm Software application Brings together the power of the Internet and the reliability of fax using Internet faxing from your desktop.

Next-Fax Reservation Accepts the next document in the ADF for transmission while it is still receiving.

OGM Out Going Message; Message you hear when you call an answering machine.

One-Touch Dial A set of keys on the control panel to preprogram numbers for easy dialing. Has separate keys for each number.

Out of Paper Reception Allows the machine to receive faxes into memory when it is out of paper.

Overseas Mode Makes temporary changes to the unit to allow it to transmit to overseas phone systems.

Paging Notification Causes your fax unit to dial the registered pager telephone number if a fax and/or a voice message is stored in the memory.

Paper Thickness Lever for Inkjet FAX A lever that adjusts the fax machine for paper thickness.

Pause Creates a delay of 3.5 seconds while dialing with one-touch or speed-dial numbers.

Photo Mode A resolution mode that is ideal for sending photos by using varying shades of gray.

Polling The ability of the fax machine to call remote locations and to retrieve any waiting fax messages.

Print Reduction Reduces the size of faxes received

Printer Alarm Audible alarm when the fax is not able to print.

Pulse A form of dialing on a telephone line. (Rotary)

Quickscan The ability to scan a transmission into memory before faxing it.

Real Time Transmission When memory is full, you can send documents in real time.

Remote Control Access The ability to access your message center remotely.

Remote Activation Allows the user to transfer a fax call from any extension phone when if it is not connected directly to the fax machine.

Remote Access Code the activation code to manually start the fax from another phone.

Resolution Number of lines per inch vertically and horizontally. See: Fine, Super Fine, Photo, Standard.

Ring Delay The number of rings before the fax machine answers in FAX, FAX/TEL or MC mode.

Ring Volume Volume setting for the fax machine's ring.

Rotary A form of dialing on a telephone line.

Scanning The process by which the original document is translated into an electronic image.

Smoothing Enhances the appearance of incoming faxes by making the lines smooth and takes no additional time.

Speaker Volume Speaker Volume Setting: Off, Low, or High.

Speed-Dial A set of preprogrammed numbers for easy dialing. You must press the speed dial button and then two digit code to start the dialing process.

Standard Resolution of 203 x 98 dpi. it is used for most typewritten text and then the transmission speed is normal.

Station ID Stored information that is used for the heading of faxed pages. It includes the senders name and fax number.

Super Fine Resolution of 203 x 392 DPI that is best for small print or art.

Super Quick Scan The same feature as Quick Scan but at a faster rate.

TAD Interface Allows you to use an external telephone answering device on the same phone line if it is plugged into the EXT. jack in the back of the fax machine.

Telephone Index An electronic alphabetical stored number index.

Temp. Settings Temporary Settings Used to select certain options for this transmission, such as : Timer, Polling, Call Reserve, Contrast, Resolution, Overseas Mode.

Therma Plus for Thermal FAX The thermal fax paper that is made by Brother. It is heavier and higher quality paper than thermal fax paper.

Thermal Paper Chemically treated roll paper used in thermal machines.

Thermal Transfer A printing process used in which heat transfers carbon ink from a ribbon to plain paper.

Timer Used to send a document at a later time.

Toll Saver In message center mode allows the unit to not answer until 4 rings when no ICM or/and Fax Message is stored and answer on 2 rings when a message is stored.

Tone A form of dialing on the telephone line.

Toner Save for Laser FAX A process that causes less toner to be affixed to the page and extends the life of the toner assembly. Note that this will make the receiving document significantly lighter.

Transmission The process of sending documents over the phone lines from your fax machine to the receiving machine.

True Type True Type fonts are the fonts that are used in the Windows operating systems. If you install the Brother True Type Fonts, more types of fonts will be available for Windows applications.

User Option List Printed report that shows how the options on your unit are set up.

Xmit Report Transmission Verification Report A report that prints showing Date, Time, Fax No./Name, Duration, Pages, Result and Mode after the transmission.


Security and Privacy Information
We know the security of your information on line as well as your privacy is very important. That is why we use SSL ( Secure Socket Layers ) which is most advanced technology available to protect your personal information and as well as your credit card information.

FAX is certified by (Thawte Certification, a VeriSign company provides digital certificate products with their services create and provide security and privacy in electronic commerce in global.)

Q. Can I send my order to a different address?

Yes, you can order a product and have it shipped to another address. Just enter the address you want your product delivered to in the Ship portion process. For your protection, credit card orders shipping to an address other than the credit card billing address, may be delayed while fraud screening takes place. We reserve the right to cancel orders that fail our screening process.

Q. How can I check the status of my orders?

Email us at or call us at 416-740-5252.

Q. I forgot my Password , how can I get it?

Email us at or call us at 416-740-5252. Verification and identification may be required.

Q. What should I do If I get error ?

Email us at or call us at 416-740-5252.

Q. If I order today, when should I expect to receive my order?

Receiving your order will depend on the availability of the product and the shipping method you have selected. Please allow The FAX ENGINEER up to two additional days for credit verification. For more clarification on delivery times please contact us during regular business hours after you place your order at at or call us at 416-740-5252.

Q. Will I receive a receipt for my transaction?

Yes. You may print this page from your browser as a receipt for your transaction. You will also receive an order confirmation and a ship confirmation by email which you can retain for your records.

Q. What are my payment options?

We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. All prices are in Canadian dollars. If you do not want to use your credit card online from your computer, your order can be processed by calling to speak to a customer service representative at 1-416-740-5252 or by sending an e-mail to

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